Our community resource website  is a local online business list. Only those who are in business (yes, and those who have gone “out-of-business”) know the daily struggle of keeping a business open to the public. In order to be a ‘Successful Business’ – you MUST REMAIN Successful!

THE OLD DAYS: there was no Internet! Business Owners depended on Traditional advertising means to reach their local community. When the Internet came along, it was ALL ABOUT HAVING THE LOWEST PRICE! Unfortunately, “Brick & Mortar Stores” have plenty of overhead expenses and you cannot keep an establishment open competing against someone selling out-of-their-garage… when a business owner has: High Rent, Workman’s Comp. Insurance, Regular Insurance, Utilities, Payroll, Upkeep, Marketing and Advertising, Shoplifting losses… and the list continuously goes on and on.

CURRENTLY: No business owner that I have interviewed is excited about the “new normal”. While we have lost a considerable amount of businesses in the Oklahoma City area, there are plenty of others that are struggling to keep their doors open. Much is at-risk!

2020: For me… business was busy! (Thank God!) But then, I was infected with Covid. (Those who are self-employed know: when you don’t work — there’s no income to take care of the in-coming bills! )

The 1st week: I stayed home in quarantine. Trying everything to get better!

The 2nd week: I started running fever and trouble-breathing. My oxygen count dropped to 85%. I called my Dr., he advised that I was most-likely about to “CRASH”! Go to the ER immediately!

FOR 3 WEEKS: I was on Life-support (yes, The Vent!). I did have some very incredible experiences that I share with others.

Finally Get Home: The next 3 weeks, I deal with Shingles, Bell’s Palsy, and another round or Pneumonia.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In That Time – I made up my mind that I was going to to committed to Helping Others As Much As I Can! Especially Business Owners!

SO… this initiative … launching a local community business directory … to help Entrepreneurs attract new clients and customers… which in turn keeps our local-economy strong! ?

So, their Business Hours may have changed! Protocols may have changed! Their whole business may have changed! However, their Doors are Open To Serve You!

Shop Local! SUPPORT OKC!

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