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    Orthopedic Surgeon In Oklahoma City, OK

    Cheryl Roach
    November 22, 2023

    I went to Mac Moore to get relief from years of knee pain. In April 2022, He did total knee replacement w/titanium steel and it was wonderful. Had no problems at all. Went back in September 2022 and had left knee done the same and it was perfect also. I am fixing to have total shoulder replacement done Nov. 27, 2023 and I will let you know the results as soon as I am able too. Thanks so much Dr. Moore for everything you have done for me. I believe in you!!! Your the best!! Photos of my x-rays and of how well the scars look...

    John B
    May 22, 2023

    Dr Moore is almost absent in the visits, and doesn’t go into full detail of what he did in his surgeries. I believe in a hour long visit we might’ve seen him 5 minutes of that. I know he has other patients to see, and other things that need taken care of, but I’m important too. I just had a knee surgery with him, covered by workers comp, and I really don’t believe he did a good job on my knee. Post op visit he opened my brace up to 90°, I knew in my mind that I wasn’t ready for that. And now I get massive amounts of swelling, discomfort, and restlessness all hours of the night. And now I’m expected to go to physical therapy without any pain management other than ibuprofen, which causes me to have really bad acid reflux. Also they immediately wrote me back into work on desk duty, when my employer will not accommodate any restrictions, and has no desk jobs available. They’ve tried this before my surgery, and was told before that my job couldn’t accommodate. Really think that’s where he’s working in favor of workers comp. Should’ve stuck to my guns, and stuck with my personal orthopedic surgeon. Because I am NOT being taken care of under Mac Moore. I guess that’s what I get for being appeasing towards the workers comp company and their recommendations. This has been a huge roller coaster of emotions since day one. I’ve always wanted the best for everyone, and always wanted to be the nicer side of humanity, but when I ask for the same treatment I’m met with this.

    Ellen Rosten
    September 28, 2022

    I was seen by the PA, and had a great experience with the entire office. He didn't jump into an MRI, he discussed my x-rays with me and he addressed my pain issues. Dr. Moore stopped in after the PA was finished and discussed my x-rays a little more. He spoke to me like a person, not a doctor and that's rare to find. Excited to move forward pain free. Will certainly be referring friends and family his way.

    J A
    February 23, 2023

    Mac Moore is the most dishonest workers comp doctor! He lied about the severity of my injury to save workers comp money. After a month of PT, he told me I had arthritis (which workers comp doesn't cover). Medical imaging proved that I don't have arthritis! He excused me from his practice with MMI paperwork and left me with a torn cartilage injury that another doctor has since done surgery for. Do not trust him with your care under workers comp!! Get a second opinion!!

    Tamra Edwards
    July 29, 2022

    This Dr is as crooked as they come!!! My BF went in because of a workman’s comp claim for a bicep tendon tear and rotator cuff tear. He flat out told her She had a significant tear and if She had the reverse rotator cuff surgery She shouldn’t ever lift over 15lbs. The other options were a shot and more PT. He told the employer the injury was from a previous shoulder surgery that she never recovered from. He never knew her reports or goals that were met from the previous surgery. Before she left he told her he feels she should never lift more than 10lbs. He sent the employer the final letter that there should be no restrictions and she should return to full duty. Requesting medical records gets you nowhere even her lawyer has never received the paperwork! KICKBACKS TALK!!!$$$$$

    Mac E. Moore, M.D.

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