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1800 Renaissance Blvd #200, Edmond, OK 73013, USA

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    Bariatric Surgeon in Oklahoma:
    Gastric By-pass
    Gastric Sleeve
    Duodenal Switch
    Gastric Balloon
    Lap Band

    Kathryn Hill
    July 06, 2023

    My whole experience has been so good with Dr Broussard and everyone at WeightWise! From the beginning everyone is so helpful and answer any questions quickly. Love the support from them! It has been almost 2 months since the surgery and I am sure I would not being doing quite as well without them and their support.

    Rebecca JVW
    May 24, 2023

    Dr. Broussard is an excellent physician and my surgery went off without not even 1 complication or side effect. He is always kind and encouraging and takes my continued success seriously!

    Dana Denwalt
    February 13, 2023

    I love Weight Wise. Everyone has been amazing. I have had my questions answered in a timely manner. The support groups are very helpful. Dr Broussard is straight with me about the potential dangers of not following the program. He does not sugar coat anything which is exactly what I need. I would absolutely 100% recommend Weight Wise.

    Barbara Higgs
    August 14, 2023

    Everything has been great! Have had no issues and the weight is coming off! Very pleased with Dr Broussard and staff!

    Asiah Chaino
    August 23, 2023

    Dr.B and his team took great care of me. I would totally recommend him and his team anytime and have already to one of my co workers.

    Broussard Toby D MD

    Our Address

    1800 Renaissance Blvd #200, Edmond, OK 73013, USA

    Transform Your Life with Dr. Toby Broussard: Oklahoma City’s Leading Weight-Loss Surgeon Offers Life-Changing Solutions!

    Dr. Toby Broussard is a renowned and highly respected weight-loss surgeon in Oklahoma City. With years of experience and expertise in bariatric surgery, Dr. Broussard is committed to helping individuals achieve their weight-loss goals and lead healthier, happier lives. Offering a comprehensive range of surgical options, Dr. Broussard specializes in gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, gastric balloon, and lap band procedures.

    Gastric bypass surgery is a highly effective procedure that helps patients achieve significant and sustainable weight loss by altering the digestive system. Dr. Broussard’s expertise in this procedure has enabled countless patients to overcome obesity and its associated health issues.

    The gastric sleeve, another leading weight-loss surgery, involves reducing the size of the stomach to restrict food intake and promote weight loss. Dr. Broussard has performed numerous successful gastric sleeve surgeries, providing patients with a powerful tool for long-term weight management.

    For individuals seeking a more comprehensive approach, Dr. Broussard offers the duodenal switch procedure. This surgery combines both restrictive and malabsorptive elements to promote significant weight loss and improve metabolic health.

    If you’re looking for a non-surgical option, Dr. Broussard also provides the gastric balloon procedure. This temporary, minimally invasive procedure involves placing a balloon in the stomach to induce a feeling of fullness, aiding in portion control and weight loss.

    Finally, Dr. Broussard offers the lap band procedure, a minimally invasive surgery that involves placing an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach. This restricts the amount of food that can be consumed, leading to weight loss over time.

    At Dr. Toby Broussard’s practice, every patient receives personalized care and attention, with a focus on safety, comfort, and successful outcomes. With a compassionate approach and a dedication to patient education and support, Dr. Broussard ensures that each individual receives the best possible care on their weight-loss journey.

    If you’re ready to take control of your health and transform your life, contact Dr. Toby Broussard’s office today to schedule a consultation and explore the options available to you. Your weight-loss goals are within reach with the guidance and expertise of Dr. Broussard and his dedicated team.

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